Focus Day

Whooo man it’s been a while since I’ve been on here! Things have been hectic where I’m at, but I’ve also been doing some serious thinking about what I want to share with you guys next. It’s really taken me a while to do some thinking about this post. I toyed around with a couple ideas before I settled on this one.

So here’s the thing, I have been so lost the last few weeks. My attention span has been so short, I’ve been trying to find my focus…but that’s just it….I haven’t been focused! The lack of focus bleeds into my work life as well, I’m less productive and I drop the ball on a lot of things that I really can’t afford to drop the ball on. (Shocker, but my Army job right now has a lot of people depending on me to do my job)

It’s time to get back into the groove. Both with writing this blog- ok let’s face it my writing in general- and with work. And to do that, I HAVE to get back to my weekly focus day.

So what’s a focus day?

I promise you that it’s as simple as it sounds: one day a week dedicated to focusing my mind and my life in preparation for the week ahead. Becoming more purposeful and deliberate this year was one of my New Years’ goals and this focus day has been key to achieving that goal.

My focus day revolves around a few things: a slow wake up, coffee, a podcast, and planning my week in my planner.

The weeks that I do this allows me to prioritize my work, social, and personal life. I can plan what steps I need to complete that week to achieve my goals, and make sure that I schedule in my workouts and even chores. I’ve mentioned before that I love planning, and this focus day is my major planning period of the week.  I also take the 1st Sunday of the month and set aside time to focus on my monthly goals and break down what I need to achieve each week, or write in my appointments or major events.

The key to my focus day is this thing right here!!! Follow the link to check it out for yourself:

Here’s what my focus day looks like:

Every Sunday, I wake up with no alarm. I usually wake up naturally around 7:30/8:00 even without the alarm. I’ll lay in bed and scroll through my phone, read a book, watch a video, play a mindless game or two. Essentially, I stay relaxed and in bed as long as possible. After about an hour or so I’ll get up and get ready for the day. In my current situation, even though I don’t have much to do, most Sunday’s I’ll go into the office for an hour or so just to check my email and set myself up for the week ahead.

I’ll take a walk to the office- it’s really only about a mile- and swing through the coffee shop on the way in. I’ll get my coffee, a donut or a muffin, and continue my walk while I listen to a podcast. It takes about 15 minutes or so to get all the way to the office- I take my time- so I can get half way through whatever Podcast I’m listening to usually. After I’m done with work, I’ll walk back and finish it up. Lately I’ve been IN LOVE with Rachel Hollis’ “RISE podcast” (yall- I love this woman, she’s amazing).

The podcast helps me focus and center my mind for the week ahead. I always make sure it’s a meaningful (to me) podcast that gives me a chance to think. The walk also helps me set the stage for my fitness goals for the week. By the end of the day I’ve walked two miles!

Once I’m back in my room I’ll have some more down time- read a book, watch a movie, that kind of thing- before I break out my planner. Some days this is only a short block of my day…others it’s 8 PM before I actually sit down and work on my planner. But! Like I said before…this is my day to focus and reset my mind. Sometimes you just need that downtime, and it’s totally ok if you don’t spend your ENTIRE focus day planning your next moves. Trust me.

YALL…let me tell you about this planner!

At the beginning of the year I was looking for a functional, goal-oriented planner that I could use to start scheduling my life. I was looking for a lifestyle change, not just something to get me through the rest of my time overseas. I found the fantastic planner that I’ve linked above.

It has places to set weekly, monthly, yearly, and LONG TERM GOALS! I’m talking years here…years.

It’s more than just a schedule planner, it really is a goal-oriented, lifestyle changing planner!

I took a solid day just flipping through it and getting myself oriented to the outline and the best way to use this planner to my advantage and to start reaching my goals.

What I love about this planner

Weekly breakout pages

1. It is 100% focused on setting and achieving goals. Each day can have its own individual goal…and a reward to go with it. I mean….I don’t know about you all, but I am definitely very reward motivated when it comes to work.

2. Monthly reflection pages. I can sit at the end of the month and review how I grew and progressed throughout the month on whatever it was I’m working on. Did I write my blog posts? Did I work on my novel? Not last month…but that’s ok. It’s not a section that’s designed to put you down, it’s there to help you get better.

3. There’s space for individuality. Of course they give you ideas about what your weekly positive habits could be. But There’s even more space for you to put your own personal touch to the pages. After all…it’s YOUR planner. The guidance that’s in there is a great tool to get you thinking about what you want.

4. Two book marks yall. TWO OF THEM!!!! I love this feature because I can flip back and forth between the guided lifestyle challenges that it includes, and my weekly breakouts. It’s a small thing, but I was really excited to see the bookmarks when I opened up the package.

So, here’s the thing about this planner. It is intense. It is really for someone making a full lifestyle change and someone who’s ready to commit a lot of time to use it to its fullest. I’m not perfect with this thing (see above about how I really haven’t had a focus day in almost a month) and I can tell you right now I’m not using it to its fullest. But I’m a work in progress, so I can’t beat myself up too bad about it. I’ll never reach my goals if I do.

And you won’t either! So take some time and really think about how you want to achieve your goals and what you need to do to get there. Follow the link above (or don’t, this post isn’t sponsored, I’m just sharing what worked for me) and check out the planner I use.

Maybe it works for you, maybe it’s just a step in the right direction. Who knows? Your journey is unique to you. But I hope that each day you’re making progress towards your goals.

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