Mother’s Day

A couple of things come to mind when I think of May.

The first: my wedding anniversary (happy four years Hubby)

The second: Mother’s Day

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Even though we can all agree, our mothers deserve to be recognized more than once a year, we set aside one day in May to celebrate them. I have been very blessed to have not only my mother and my mother-in-law in my life, but also a host of women who have been a secondary mother to me over the past 26 years.

In the spirit of the holiday I want to share about my mother and mother-in-law and the things I’ve learned from them. They are two very special women (I may be biased) and I’m going to try and sum up everything they do for you guys and also thank them for being the wonderful mothers they are.

To my mom:

Guys…my mom is a saint. I know I’m not the only one who thinks this about their mother, but I really couldn’t do what she does. She has been a teacher for over 22 years. But not just any kind of teacher, but a Special Education teacher. She went back to school when my sister and I were young, maintained a full time job teaching, and got her Master’s in Special Education. She took a few years off to be there for us when we were in high school but has since re-entered the classroom and has continued to teach.

Mom, over the years you have taught me to be independent and to never give up on my dreams. You’ve taught me the value of hard work and there are so many days I look at myself and realize that I’m turning into you- in a good way I promise! You teach me every day what strength looks like. You have pushed me towards all the best decisions of my life, even when I wasn’t very sure that’s what I needed or wanted to do. Sorry for being a pain in the rear sometimes (I like to think I was a pretty good kid though). Thank you for being patient with me and letting me figure out that you truly do know best.

And I’m gonna put it out here for the world to hear:

You were right.

To my mother in law:

This woman…yall I don’t even know where to start. She has embraced me from day one and is so inspiring. Almost ten years ago (holy cow ten years!!!) I met her in her kitchen when my now-husband brought me home to meet the family. Let me tell you something, it is nerve-wracking to meet the mother of the man you love. But she is the kindest, most gracious woman and so inspiring as well. She adopted and homeschooled four kids and fostered many more. She has an amazing story (which is hers to tell, she’s got her own blog too!!!) and when faced with countless trials she has always remained steadfast in her faith. She is a rock, and I look up to her in so many ways.

Mom, thank you for raising my husband. You taught him everything he knows, but most importantly you taught him how to be a good man and how to treat his wife. You have been an infallible source of wisdom and grace over the past decade and I am so grateful that you welcomed me into the family all those years ago. I’ll never forget the kindness you’ve shown me and I’m looking forward to growing closer through the years. You will always be a source of inspiration. Thank you for welcoming me into the family and being so much more than a mother-in-law

To the women who have been my secondary mothers:

You ladies have brought me into your homes, supported me, fed me, and produced some of the strongest women I know. I can’t thank you enough for taking me in and providing me with your wisdom and knowledge. You have taught me that it truly takes a village and I am so lucky that you have been part of mine.

To each and every one of you who has ever been a mom to me…thank you for everything you’ve done for me.

I hope one day I can be half the mom you all have been.

I love you!

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