2019: A Year in Review

Well my dear readers, we have closed out 2019 and have rung in 2020. Has anyone gotten used to writing 2020 yet? No? Neither have I. It’s a crazy thought to be starting a new decade. So much happened in the previous one that it makes me wonder what this one brings.

But as a year closes, it’s often a time to reflect upon what we’ve learned, experienced, and failed at. It is also a time to prepare for the upcoming year. You guys already heard last year about my thoughts on resolutions (if you haven’t, then go check out my post on goals). I started setting my goals for the new year a couple of weeks ago, but on Sunday I sat down and recapped 2019 with my new planner and reflected on my habits and goals from last year.

Side note: I got a new style of planner this year as a Christmas gift. It’s a simplified version of what I used last year. I am super excited to use it over the course of the year…but back to the actual blog.

As I sat and prepared for 2020, it was a good opportunity to check in on my goals from the previous year. Some things I completely failed at, others I did well. But here’s the thing, despite where I landed with my goals, I accomplished so much this past year that I refuse to beat myself up over my failures.

I traveled (granted most of it was through my deployment), prepared to go back to school, and I spent so much time with family. I am not the same person I was a year ago as I faced the start of 2019. Despite all of the things I failed at…

Ok so I keep using the word “failed”, and it bugs me. I because I didn’t really “fail”, did I? I lost some weight, I applied for graduate school, I saved up money and paid off debt. Just because I didn’t reach one of my goals doesn’t mean I should beat myself up about it and call myself a “failure”, does it?


Failure is such a harsh word, but it creeps into so many parts of my life, and probably yours too. I set a couple of really ambitious goals last year, and truth be told, I knew they were ambitious at the start. But you guys, I started this blog. I made it home safe. I took a wonderful vacation with my husband! I did so many amazing things last year that I can’t in good conscience call myself a failure or say that I failed at anything last year.

I have some areas I need to work on, but that’s life! And I refuse to walk into 2020 thinking that I am any bit a failure. I mean, you guys, I entered 2020 with my purse looking like this

Clearly I don’t have my life together 100% right now. But I’m a work in progress. YOU are a work in progress so don’t let anyone tell you that you are a “failure”. Because dang it guys, we’ve come too far in life to believe that of ourselves.

Get out a notebook, a piece of paper that you won’t lose, or open your computer and write your goals. And then write down the steps you need to take to achieve them, write out your action plan. It’s never too late to do that, and sometimes it might take you a while to do it. It took me about 6 hours last month to come up with personal and professional goals that I have for this year. And that is ok, take that time because you owe it to yourself. I’m probably not as particularly motivating as I think I am in my head. But if I reach just one person and encourage them to enter a new day, month, year more positively…then it’s a win in my book.

I am so excited for what I’ve got planned for this blog this year. Regular posts, more interaction on the Instagram, and maybe I’ll find the purpose of this blog. Who knows what’s going to happen!

So here’s the bottom line of it all: I’ve emerged from 2019 a stronger, less fearful, more and confident determined woman. I cannot wait to see what 2020 has in store for me, this blog, and life in general. 2020 is going to be a great year!

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