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Mini Series: Whole30 Journey (Week 1)

As we approached the start of a New Year, I made a decision to try Whole30. I hadn’t been feeling my best and I noticed I felt worse after some foods more than others. I had already cut out most dairy but that still didn’t seem to be enough. So, I did some research and settled on starting Whole30 on January 1st. And my poor husband has joined me on this journey- granted he didn’t have much of a choice. My plan here is to give you guys a week by week breakdown of how it’s going. And then, one final post to summarize it all with my thoughts and tips and tricks for what made it bearable.

So here’s the gist of Whole30. It’s 30 days (duh) of no sugar/sugar substitutes, dairy, grains, alcohol, soy, or preservatives. Basically, all that junk food that we’ve come to love so much. It’s also 30 days of good proteins, fruits, vegetables, and whole foods in general. That means we had to read every label on every item in our pantry and fridge. So long to the bacon and popcorn, hello to lots of leafy greens and pineapple. This was by no means easy- in fact it’s been extremely difficult when we live in a society where you get food delivered to your door in 30 minutes or less.

To prepare, in addition to cleaning out our food storage, I got The Whole30: The 30-Day Guide to Total Health and Food Freedom and Whole30 Fast and Easy Cookbook. There are plenty of recipes in the original Whole30 book so it’s not strictly necessary to go and get another cookbook to supplement (there are several!). However…I’m lazy. I prefer to make a fast dinner on weeknights so we don’t eat at 8pm. So far I’ve found the Fast and Easy Cookbook to be a huge lifesaver and where I get most of our meals from.

Here’s how the first week went.

Day 1 and 2: Holy cow were these days hard. All I wanted was my sweets and goodies leftover from Christmas. We found that we needed to up the portion sizes and add more protein. Still a little snacky, but fruit seemed to help.

Day 3: At this point I was telling myself that it wasn’t SO bad. That I didn’t miss dairy AT ALL. (cheese please) But I did notice that I felt a little less bloated after meals. Also…green tea was giving me LIFE, I had 2-3 cups a day to get me through.

Day 4: I woke up with a headache, and all I wanted to do was sleep. My scheduled run was horrible, and I only did half of what was scheduled. I wasn’t as hungry so I had started to figure out my macros and my portion sizes.

Day 5: This was THE WORST DAY EVER. I was short tempered and irritated all day. That could have been because I spent the day meal prepping, and that tends to put me in a foul mood. But who knows. I was just grouchy, tired, and I really wanted a sandwich.

Day 6: It was a better day. I forgot though, how picky I am about black coffee. I left my work out that morning feeling good and refreshed.

Day 7: Cruised into the last day of the first week. It wasn’t hard to choose fruits and veggies. Granted, it’s the only thing in my house right now so it’s not like I had a bunch of options. But! I wasn’t as tempted to run to the shop at work and grab a bag of chips. Still thinking about all the foods I can’t have, bread is love and I cannot wait for a bagel.

Real talk though: you’re not supposed to check the scale during the course of your 30 days. This is more than just a weight loss solution. However, I had an army weigh-in over the weekend so I faced the scale in the first half of Week 2. I had lost 7 lbs in 12 days! Again, if you follow the rules, you aren’t supposed to check your weight until the end. I will say, there have been other “non-scale” victories I’ve noticed. I’m sleeping better, my energy is up, and I’m crushing my workouts.  

We are now mid-way through the second week, and I can already tell you that it will be an interesting week 2 summary that will come out on Saturday! Will I survive?

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