Happy One Year!

A couple of days ago, we passed the first anniversary of this blog going live. One whole year ago I took a jump, faced my fears, and put my writing out into the world. And now a year later…I can’t believe that it is still active and I’m still here writing it. A year ago, I started writing blog posts just to keep my mind sharp, develop my writing skills, and to help keep the creative juices flowing as I developed a novel. I had no intention of ever publishing the words that I was writing, I was just passing time while deployed. But I did send them to one or two people who encouraged me to keep writing them and to actually start a blog. This blog.

We brainstormed and researched for a few weeks before I took the plunge. That first post “If You Couldn’t Fail” now has 30 views to it. Sure it’s not a lot in the grand scheme of blogs…but I never thought that anything I wrote would ever be seen by anyone outside of my family. Guys, I’ve been working on my novel for years and I’ve never shown the concepts to anyone. No one knows anything about it other than the genre.

Up until last year, my writing has been private. And I just want to take a moment to thank everyone who, over the past year, has made this blog possible. Without the readers and my supporters at home, this blog wouldn’t have made it to its first post, let alone its first year!

Thank you to everyone who has stuck around for a whole year.

Thank you to the new readers who have joined throughout this crazy process.

Thank you for your patience, understanding, and just for being here with each new post.

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