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Whole30: Week 2

Well guys we are in full swing of Whole30. And if I thought week 1 was bad? Holy crap I was not prepared for what week 2 had in store. It hit me like a brick wall.

A big one.

Here’s how it went:

Day 8- I am less snacky now, but I need to make sure I eat asap after a workout, and that I eat enough so I don’t get hungry later in the day or else I do. Meat sticks are a lifesaver.

Day 9- we’re starting to cruise now. Last night I didnt want to cook, so it was breakfast for dinner. Outside of this I’m coming down with something. A cold, sinus thing? Don’t know but it’s uncomfortable.

Day 10- really proud of myself today…I resisted the cake that was in my office literally ALL DAY.

Day 11- drill weekend meant travelling and having to find prepped food/food out. Had a salad with grilled chicken and an oil/vinegar dressing.

Day 12- had dinner with my in laws. They were so kind as I looked at all the labels for things we couldn’t have.

Day 13- I ate pretty light this weekend so now I’m pretty hungry. Glad I brought extra eggs. I didnt get to meal prep this weekend so it’s going to be much harder to be prepared for lunches and dinners.

Day 14- snacking is non-existent now, as long as I eat enough during meals I don’t get hungry or have too many cravings.

Guys, travelling and being on limited resources and time on Whole30 is HARD. I had to stoop to less-recommended methods to get all of my veggies in (i.e: green juice). It took me a solid hour to find things to take with me to drill this month since we weren’t cooking. But I made it through!

I will also say, if you don’t have the time to meal prep for the week ahead then it will be a struggle for you to get into a good groove for the week. Meal prepping is essential for sure.

I did start to notice at the end of this week that my energy is up and that my skin is starting to clear! Sweet!

My husband is ready for this to be over, and truthfully I am too. But so far, the advantages have outweighed the disadvantages.