I’ve started and stopped this post probably three or four times. I needed inspiration to strike. Literally, I needed inspiration to write a blog on inspiration. Well, more realistically I needed an interesting way to present it.

You see, I planned this topic a bit over a month ago figuring I would come up with a great way to talk about what inspires me. And then I thought about it. There’s not just one thing that inspires me. SO many things inspire me in so many different ways. There’s not one interesting way to bring this topic up and discuss it.

Social media, for example. I purposefully follow pages that promote wellness and positivity.

Architecture. As I’m writing a Young Adult fantasy novel, when I come across interesting buildings I always take a picture because it helps me think of ways to describe buildings and scenery.

Books. Writers inspire me so much! They push me to be better

Those are just a couple. But what I discovered when I started thinking about what inspires me is the emotions that these evoke. It’s always a sense of awe and positivity. Which is I guess the point of being inspired.

So short and sweet and to the point of this whole thing (since I can’t come up with an interesting way to communicate this):

Surround yourself with things that inspire you. Take pictures and build a gallery wall or save them as your computer background. Take charge and build your life around the positive memories, experiences, sights, smells…WHATEVER! The more inspiration that I have, the better I feel and the more I pursue my passions. Take time to be mindful about what you look at and what you do. This mindfulness will permeate into your life and start to reflect in your attitude and actions.

Have a great Friday!

1 thought on “Inspiration”

  1. It’s easy to stall pursuing a dream because it’s too hard, too expensive, too far away, etc. I also procrastinated on writing, but I’ve been finding inspiration in the thought that maybe my posts (just like yours did for me) will inspire others to pursue similar paths. Inspiration within inspiration, inception and that. Thank you for the reminder of how to refresh this idea if and when it starts to fade. Keep writing!


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