Whole30: Week 3

We just finished week 3 and are on our way into the home stretch. My energy has gone up over the past week and if drink too much coffee I’m wired. I did notice over the course of the week my eating habits changed some, in the day to day breakdown I talk about it more.

We had a little fun this week with recipes. I’m finding it harder and harder to bring myself to cook, so dinner had to be fun and in this weeks lunches I swapped sweet potatoes for spaghetti squash. It was a nice change of pace.

Here’s the day by day how this week went:

Day 15- not meal prepping for this is a terrible idea. I overslept today (sleep is life guys) and I had to scramble to find food. I’ll have to end up going to the shop to grab some meat sticks to go with lunch. We had chipotle for dinner.

Day 16- easy day. I fell asleep early and slept soundly all night. 👍 this is a bonus, cause it’s not uncommon for me to wake up once a night and be up for anywhere from 5 min to 3 hours.

Day 17- went to trivia….chips and salsa on the tables and my sister brought candy….I should have brought some snacks. But I’m starting to branch away from the cookbooks when making meals. Quick easy lunch today.

Day 18-20: kind of a blur, I ate food that I prepped. Went to a movie and snuck some approved jerkey in (shhh) and found a local restaurant that had approved fajitas and sweet potatoes (local businesses for the win). The 20th…I barely ate. And that was fine. I wasn’t hungry, so I didn’t eat.

Day 21-back in the gym after a hiatus. Ended the day with a migraine so I was laid up in bed all evening

We were out a couple of times this week so we had to go out for a couple of meals. Chipotle came in clutch! I also found a local restaurant that made approved fajitas! My gyn session was good, I kept it light, but was happy with how I felt at the end of it.

We have just one more week left! Not gonna lie, I can’t wait. Next week I’ll tell you about my overall thoughts, as well as what I learned, what I’ll keep, and what I’m going to reintroduce.

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